Kiondo Basket - Natural & Orange Stripe | 10" | Planter, Storage, Decor

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Woven by hand in Kenya using hand-split, hand-twisted and plant-dyed sisal, this basket is modern, beautifully designed, and very durable.

Handmade and fair trade.
Kiondo uses:

  • Pot plants

  • Living room storage & decor - magazines, blankets, books

  • Knitting - yarn, designs 

  • Kitchen - cooking & serving utensils

  • Bathroom - hair dryer, curling iron or makeup

  • Desk - pen/pencil holder

 Care Instructions:

  • To reform any "dents" in your basket, moisten (in the shower for a moment, or dipped in water) and then reshape & dry.

History of the Kiondo:
A kiondo is a handwoven handbag made from sisal with leather trimmings. Woven mostly by women and mothers, they  begin by stripping the Sisal plant's outer layers, leaving the plant still able to grow. The weaver uses threads from the pale coloured layers, that have dried out for a day, to make a bag. A design pattern is finalized. The weaver then boils the threads in water and dye sets the bag's colours.
They weave by intertwining two single threads to form one strong thread. They will repeat the process until they have enough threads and colours to design the basket. It takes between two to three weeks to complete a basket depending on the size. Most weavers have to look after their households; therefore, weaving is done whenever they have the time.