Answers to your Kasandy Shopping Questions - FAQ


1. Is it safe to buy from KASANDY.com?


Our server and payment gateway are both secure and we have taken industry recognized steps to keep each client’s personal and financial information safe.

Please note that KASANDY.com uses 128 bit data encryption. You’ll also notice “https” as part of the URL, proof that you are transacting in a secure environment


2. If I encounter an error message when placing my order, or paying for my chosen items, should I resubmit?

If the order page freezes, or you see an error message while ordering, do not resubmit. It is best to contact Customer Support to check if your order or payment went through successfully. In this way, duplicate orders or payments could be avoided.


3. I live in Vancouver or visiting the city . Do you have a store near my place so I could just pick up my order?

Yes, here is address and map to our location:




4. Do you ship outside Canada?


KASANDY.com ships internationally.

Shipping rates and taxes vary.

During the order process, the system will compute for the shipping fee, taxes, and other related charges (if any), based on your shipping address.


5. What payment options are available?

We accept most credit cards, visa debit cards, and PayPal More options will be available soon. All costs are in US dollars.


6. If I change my mind and want to cancel my order what should I do?

Contact us through our contact page or call us and we will help you cancel your order.


7. If I'm a local, can I pick up from store or get delivery?


If you're in the lower mainland, include "Pick up from Store" in the comments and we will contact you to arrange a time for pickup or delivery. See point #3 for the address/location


8. If I need something you don't have on the site, can I make custom orders?


Contact us with clear details and images if available, we will work with you on possibilities of your custom order.