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Our Kasandy Story - Who We Are

Where creativity, craftsmanship, impact and design meet.

Kasandy is a fair trade store, founded by Jackee Kasandy, where customers can buy handmade products made by artisans in Kenya and East Africa.

At Kasandy, we are aligning handmade talent from East Africa with the global fashion consumers. We work closely with artisan entrepreneurs to improve, introduce or advance their product design and quality to meet the current market trends, build their businesses, and sustainably increase their income.

We are proud to provide our customers  one of a kind handmade, ethical goods at accessible prices. 

Our Mission

Introduce to the global marketplace and expand the reach of the small, micro-economy artisans of East Africa, to enable them to earn enough to support their families, business and community.

The How  

Hand crafted with passion, we’ve put the power back in the hands of the creators. Unique character in every piece from inception to creation to you, we’re focused on continually building long-term relationships with Kenyan and East African entrepreneurs and artisans, women and mothers, young men and fathers. 

We’re providing a platform for underemployed artists to share their work: fashion beautiful, high-quality, design led, bringing one of a kind products to the global marketplace. We believe that buying small, supporting one another, and creating opportunity empowers people, their art, and your look.

About me:

I am African Canadian, originally from Kenya, where my entire family lives. 

I miss the food and laughter, and i'm passionate about the creativity and artisanry found in Africa and in my city of Vancouver.

My background includes working in the corporate world for almost 18 years, a career that took me from wildlife and people conservation earlier in my career, to the big, wonderful, fast and crazy world of advertising and branding. I learned so much about products, brands and us as customers, while being part to teams tasked with launching major products in Canada, like Loblaws Blue Menu Line, Joe Fresh style, Mcdonald's Angus burger and Mac Mini, the BC Ferries Vacations brand and much more. As I advanced through the corporate ladder, becoming ever more knowledgeable of business, I kept in the back of my mind a long time dream of becoming an entrepreneur, following in my mother and grandma's footsteps. In the process of creating a bigger and bigger network, I realised something; I loved fashion, dressing up for work and events, giving advice on looks, was always the one everyone will comment an outfit i'm wearing. What I never anticipated was that my idea of style - modern, trendy, infused with hints of Africa, largely on the handmade side of African accessories, would be interesting to people I encountered.

It started with friends and colleagues;
"hey I love your earrings! can I have them?",
"I LOVED that purple purse, where did you get it? Can you get me one please?" 
"OMG your shoes! I want them!"
"Is that African art on your scarf? I'd really love one!"

Pretty soon, whenever I'd visit family in Kenya and come back with items for me, a few weeks/months later, they'd be gone, hijacked or "borrowed" by friends. It became clear there was something special here, and so Kasandy was born as a business.

My pride and joy is to introduce you, my online (and offline) friends and customers, to the wonderful products made by Kenyan and East African artisans, to connect their stories to yours, and your story with mine and together making a difference, while looking good.

Shop with confidence that every item you buy here will be of great quality, made with the environment in mind and always with design at the forefront. 


Meet our Artisans


Vicky Chignall's Maasai Crafting Team - Nairobi, Kenya



Mr. & Mrs J Njoroge's (Mrs Njoroge, pictured left) handbag design and beadwork team. 

Gachie-Nairobi, Kenya


Handbag Team at Njoroge (backyard) production shop, Gachie-Nairobi, Kenya




The Art - Intricate, detailed, colourful and unique