Gift Set: For The Coffee-O-Lic

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1 x Coffee | Colombia | Dark Roast

 Smooth, bold, and balanced. A delicious expression of this amazing coffee. Direct Fair Trade Coffee 


1 x Galeri au chocolat | Fair-trade Milk Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt | Made in Canada

A modern take on the classic chocolate covered almond treat.


1 x Galeri au chocolat | Fairtrade Dark Chocolate 72% Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate

Experience a new level of richness by using actual shavings from rich blocks of 72% Dark Belgian chocolate mixed with any hot, creamy dairy or non-dairy beverage


1 x Alpaca Figurine | Hand Carved in Kenya


1 x Heart Dish | Soapstone | Handmade in Kenya


2 x heart soapstones | Hand Carved in Kenya


Valued at $100