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Boozik iPhone-Android Amplifier - Handmade in Thailand

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Boozik iPhone-Android  Amplifier - Handmade in Thailand

Boozik (bamboo + music = boozik) is a natural, eco-friendly amplifier which amplifies the existing speaker on your iPhone up to 400% without batteries or wires!


The compact, sturdy boozik is 9 inches long, and has a circumference of 6 inches, making it perfect for camping, students, the beach, office desk, nightstand, or anywhere you want a portable power-free dock. Naturally producing up to a 20 decibel increase in sound, the boozik is also great for the hearing impaired. 

Handmade from 100% bamboo, it is a sustainable, fair trade product, designed specifically for the iPhone 4 and 4S but also fits the iPhone 3 and 5 (as well as the iPod touch!) ’0C sadly not Iphone 6 or 7plus. 

Handmade in Thailand by Global Groove.   


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