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Beige Handmade Purse

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Beige Handmade Purse

The beautiful Gentile handbag, with a unique and dramatic bead star design, is made out of baobab fibres. It has genuine leather handles and external lining , cotton lining with 3 inside pockets, in addition one big outside pocket, and comes in five colors, red, carrot orange, tan, ginger gold and baby blue.

Add this bag to your spring and summer looks and invite a conversation about your unique, cool and elegant, yet practical style.


Size: (L x W x H) 41cm x 15cm x 30cm 

Materials: Jute recycled from coffee/tea importers sacks, leather from old jackets, African beads and inspiration. 

Features: 4 pockets, 3 inside, including a zip closure, one big pocket outside to fit your cell phone, cross body strap


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