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Become a Kasandy Ambassador

Becoming our valued brand ambassador


As a Kasandy l Locally Global ambassador,  you are an integral part of our brand and our mission. You are an extension of us, determined to make a difference. Ambassadors get hooked up with products for spreading the word about who we are, what we are doing, and how together we can make a difference. If you’re already an KLG fan, why not become a part of our team?


So who is a brand ambassador?


No, not only celebs get to do that, everyone can. A true ambassador is anyone that has a true passion for the company, our mission and vision, the products we have and the causes you can support. You would represent us, be a spokesperson for the brand and create awareness through a positive personal image, social media, shopping house parties and events.

What do you get? The BENEFITS?


  • A care package of our products, you get to choose what you’d like to receive

  • Advanced notice of special events

  • Special “brand ambassador” discounts on select merchandise

  • Custom orders - your name, your idea

  • Commission on sales - if agreed upon.

  • No monthly minimums, no required sales volume, just share the way that fits your lifestyle and get rewarded.


Connect with us for more information!