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Handmade Paper Notebooks

Made with 100% recycled paper

Seed Paper

We add seeds to the recycled paper pulp to embed the notebooks with seeds.

Plant me Instructions

Handmade notebooks have “plant me”? instructions printed on the back of the notelet.


Notebook Size

200mm x 140mm

Seed Choice

Handmade notebooks come in a choice of 2 seed mixes.

  • Flowers – Contains Poppie and Alyssum seeds
  • Herbs – Contains Rocket and Basil seeds


Plantable perforated Pages

Each handmade notebook has 4 plantable perforated pages that can be torn?of and planted.

100% Recycled Reviva sheets

Each handmade notebook contains 20 100% recycled reviva sheets for your personal notes that you do not want to plant.


Our Handmade Notebooks are blank inside, write your own message.