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This hydrating moisturizing oil is a blend of the highest quality organic Jojoba, Rice Bran and Organic Fruit Seed Oils available. These oils not only nutrient intense with alpha lipoic acids, and a full spectrum of essential fatty acids but they have an extremely efficient nutrient delivery systems as they also contain the deepest penetrating oils known to man allowing for optimum cellular uptake.

These products are 100% chemical free alleviating the toxic load chemicals burden our cells with on a daily basis. Making it easy for the cell to utilize its bio-active ingredients.

All of our infusions are made from potent, undiluted, raw ingredients, contain no water eliminating the need for chemical preservatives for stabilization and no waxes which can clog pores.

Our oils are;

  • Cold pressed
  • Virgin, unrefined 100%
  • Solvent/enzyme free
  • Not irradiated during any stage of production/processing
  • GMO free
  • Organic whenever possible