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Elegant Comfy Tote Bag

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Elegant Comfy Tote Bag

You can now carry your valuables in a fashionable and stylish way with this attractive handbag blended with a little bead-work. It's crafted from high-quality baobab fibres and dyed with beautiful eco-friendly bright colours.

This medium sized tote bag is easy to carry along with you to a day out to work or about town and fits perfectly with an outfit of your choice. Add a little charm to your wardrobe and let every woman spark a conversation about it. Complement your contemporary look with this stylish, cross-body handbag.



L 25cm x W 12cm x H 25cm



  • Great size bag for everyday use to work or casual. Fits a book, small laptop/ipad, makeup bag, scarf, phone etc, without feeling bulky, 
  • Has a cross body strap
  • 4 pockets. On outside pocket for your phone, convenient to get your phone fast, and 3 pockets inside including a large zip pocket 
  • Cotton lining for durability
  • Handmade in Kenya
  • Recycled Materials: Softened Burlap, genuine recycled leather from old jackets for the accents, rubber interior for water proof functionality (and durability)
  • Light weight.


Cleaning instructions:

Wipe with a slightly wet cloth to clean off any dirt.